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SuperCut 6

Cutting and Machining Centre


Created with the larger fabricator in mind, the Supercut6 is designed to efficiently product 800 – 900 frames per week depending on mix.

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Full Description

Arriving with Windows 10 software, the Supercut6 by Avantek Machinery seamlessly meshes into your current window fabrication software for the ultimate in precision profile optimisation.

With further improved efficiency, the Supercut6 simultaneously performs machining and cutting for even greater output.  The Supercut6 measures in at 20.3m x 3.6m and requires an abundance of space – but with the help of Avantek’s expert team they’ll help arrange your machinery in a way that eases production and allows your fabrication process to run effortlessly.

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Product Features

  • Auto-measuring and re-optimisation for off-cuts
  • Automatic 10 bar in-feed table
  • Fully integrated dynamic batch optimisation software
  • Windows 10 software
  • 10/12 programmable routing motors
  • Zebra thermal label printer
  • Twin bag extraction
  • Waste conveyor for easy waste removal
  • All parts available from stock
  • Dedicated engineers for online and telephone support

Technical Data

Working Voltage 400 V 50 Hz
Drawing of Current 25 A
Electrical Power 30 CW
Feeding Min. 5 x 4,00 qmm
Starting Fuse 32 A
Operation Connecting to Ground Min. 6 qmm
Sound Level <= 85dB(A)
Consumption of Air Ca. 850 l/min
Compressed Air Connection 5 x G¼
Working Pressure 8 bar

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