SuperCut 5

Cutting and Machining Centre


Designed for the small to medium-sized fabricator, the Supercut 5 is the ideal machinery to take your manufacturing process into the future.

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Full Description

Measuring a mere 13.8m x 3.6m, the Supercut 5 has a smaller footprint for fabricators wanting to make the most of the space they have available. Modular so that it can grow with your business, the Supercut 5 has two upgrade options for when you’re ready. Add a second gripper arm to nearly double your output or ask about our excellent upgrade deals on the Supercut 6.

Versatile with high levels of adaptability, the Supercut 5 improves productivity and efficiency over competitor machining centres. With automatic measure and re-optimisation, the Supercut 5 by Avantek achieves superb savings on wastage.

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Product Features

  • Auto-measuring and re-optimisation for off-cuts
  • Automatic 10 bar in-feed table
  • Fully integrated dynamic batch optimisation software
  • Windows 10 software
  • 10/12 programmable routing motors
  • Zebra thermal label printer
  • Twin bag extraction
  • Waste conveyor for easy waste removal
  • All parts available from stock
  • Dedicated engineers for online and telephone support

Technical Data

Working Voltage 400 V 50 Hz
Drawing of Current 25 A
Electrical Power 30 CW
Feeding Min. 5 x 4,00 qmm
Starting Fuse 32 A
Operation Connecting to Ground Min. 6 qmm
Sound Level <= 85dB(A)
Consumption of Air Ca. 850 l/min
Compressed Air Connection 5 x G¼
Working Pressure 8 bar

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