WSC Doubles Down

In March 2019, we released a case study about the first one of a kind collaboration between a systems company and a machinery company to get a fabricator up and running in one seamless operation. That project was Window Supply Company, who was up and running in 11 weeks as Avantek Machinery helped plan their factory layout, train their staff and get the machinery running efficiently for the fabricator to manufacture Liniar’s 70mm system and reversible window.

Now, nearly a year after the company began production, they’re back at the Avantek Machinery showroom with an order for more machinery and to receive further, one-to-one training with one of the Avantek team members.

Andy Weir, Machinery Engineer for Window Supply Company sat down with us to discuss his feelings on the Supercut 6, Avantek, and the training and support he’s received over the last nine months.

Avantek Machinery’s work with the Window Supply Company began a year ago – what were your first impressions of the team and its support?

Andy Weir: From the beginning, Avantek has been excellent to have working alongside us. Not only do they provide machinery from stock but train your teams in the proper, most efficient way to use the machinery, work to ensure your facility’s machinery layout is done in a way that makes work processes effortless.

Now that it’s been a year, have any of those first impressions changed?

AW: If anything my initial estimations of Avantek have only solidified and become even more positive. Avantek approaches providing fabricators with machinery in a methodical way, with keen attention to detail. Once the machinery was installed the support and service didn’t stop there, whenever we have questions, there’s always an Avantek team member on the other end of the phone to provide answers.

You’ve placed a second order with Avantek for another suite of machinery. What have you ordered from them this time around – and how will it impact your operations in Livingston?

AW: We’re growing rapidly and the number of frames we produce each week needs to increase in line with demand from our installers and trade counters.

In order to increase production whilst remaining efficient with consistently perfect quality we’ve ordered a second Supercut 6 machining centre to be used alongside two additional SV530 URBAN Corner Cleaners, a Quad Welder and an End Miller.

Before we install the newly purchased machinery, we’re fabricating 600 frames per week and will soon hit 700. With these new machines, our capacity will increase to 1200 frames per week.

You’ve come a long way from Livingston to do Supercut training at the Avantek Showroom in Denby, Derbyshire. What makes training here unique?

AW: Avantek has a set up unlike any other company in its industry. Onsite Avantek features a fully equipped showroom with machinery that is hooked up and ready to fabricate. This provides those training on machines like the Supercut to have hands-on training in a true to life situation.

Learning in real time is invaluable and with someone like Dave Fox who knows the ins and outs of the Supercut machining centre you couldn’t ask for someone with more knowledge.

Have you used machining centres in the past? How does Avantek’s Supercut 6 stack up against the competition?

AW: In past fabrication operations I did use other brand machining centres. The differences I’ve seen with the Supercut are how simple and easy it is to operate whilst providing consistent results.

The Supercut 6 is just more reliable than any I’ve used in the past and when time and money are on the line, reliability is key.

What are you plans for the future?

AW: Consistent growth, excellent customer service and superb installations – they’re ongoing goals for the company. If in the future our growth requires us to procure more machinery, we’ll know exactly who to turn to. Avantek has been there every step of the way from purchase and installation to the year afterwards whenever we needed support – I couldn’t recommend the Avantek team more.

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