Welding Machine at 8 Head CNC

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Full Description

The first of its kind, the Graf Synergy SL8 TFF EVO 8-head welder delivers welding perfection on four corners and up to two transoms thanks to Graf’s patented, precision perfect V-Perfect® seamless welding technology.

Achieving significant savings in man hours and the space required for machinery, the SL8 FF EVO mechanises the process of welding four 45° angles and up to two transoms at 90° with automatic milling, positioning and cyclical casting. Additionally, the SL8 TFF EVO provides active welding allowing for adjustments to be made to the final product during the welding process.

With a run time of approximately 140 seconds and no need for additional corner cleaning after the welding process, the Graf Synergy SL8 TFF EVO delivers world-class efficiency for UK PVCu window fabricators. For more information about this machine, please refer to the product specification sheet or contact the Avanek team.

Product Features

  • Reduction of time and space
  • Cost reduction
  • Labour reduction
  • Allows to weld profiles coated with any type of film or foil
  • Solves the problem of profile tolerances

Technical Data

Length 6.000 mm
Width 5.600 mm
Height 2.200 mm
Weight 5.600 Kg
Power 25 kW
Power Supply 400 V
Air Consumption per cycle 225 NI/min
Operating Pressure 7 bar

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