SL4 FF Evo


The 4-head CNC welder that eliminates the welding seam from the corner, making it possible to obtain PVC windows of uniform quality.

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Full Description

The Graf Synergy SL 4 FF EVO 4-head CNC Welder delivers the ultimate in fabrication quality, thanks to its patented V-Perfect® welding technology – which ensures no unsightly welding beads in the corner and removes the need for further corner cleaning after the welding process.

Efficient and technologically advanced, the SL4 FF EVO from Graf Synergy arrives with active welding, allowing the operator to make changes before the end of the cycle further reducing any chance of issues during the welding process and with the final product.

With a run time of 140 seconds, the SL4 FF EVO simultaneously welds four corners seamlessly and with its automatic calibration system, compensates for any profile tolerances. For more information about the Graf Synergy SL4 FF EVO V-Perfect® 4-head Welder please refer to the product specification sheet or contact the Avantek team.

Product Features

  • Revolutionary V-Perfect CNC welding
  • Automatic cleaning of welding plates
  • Active welding - operator can intervene at any time to make adjustments
  • Automatic calibration system - compensates for profile tolerances
  • No corner cleaning required
  • Performance up to 1 frame/90-150 sec.*

Technical Data

Length 6.000 mm
Width 5.100 mm
Height 2.200 mm
Weight from 3.000 to 4.000 Kg
Installed power 17 Kw
Required power supply 400 V
Air consumption per cycle 180 NI/min
Air pressure 7 bar
Operators required 1

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