BSW ‘do the double’ thanks to new Supercut 6

BSW ‘do the double’ thanks to new Supercut 6

The acquisition of a new high end machining centre has drastically increased the PVCu window output of one of the UK’s up-and-coming fabricators – more than doubling the weekly amount produced!

Operating from a fully owned 21,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Peterborough, BSW Systems is a major Liniar PVCu and Smart’s aluminium fabricator, specialising in supplying to the trade.

BSW Systems prides itself on having a strong commitment to providing the highest quality products and services through its authorised installer network.

Established in 2011, BSW has a highly competent production team, with vast amounts of experience shared between its team of 50 – growing from just seven staff in less than four years.

Having experienced average, consistent growth of 45% per year over the past three years, the management team at BSW knew they would have to invest in new machinery in order to keep pace with demand.

Supercut solution

“When we first set up, we were producing approximately 150 windows per week,” says Mark Knowling, BSW Production Director. “That figure had risen to over 400 per week by the end of 2015, so we had to find a way to dramatically increase production to effectively service our customers’ needs.

“After some research and industry recommendation, we decided that the Supercut 6 would be the ideal machine to fulfil our requirements and give us the capacity to cut and weld up to 750 frames per week.”

New era of machinery

The latest machining centre for PVCu profiles, the Supercut has been custom built by Avantek Machinery (formerly Wegoma Machinery Sales) for the UK and Irish window industry.

The Supercut range has brought in a new era in the supply of machines for the manufacturer, with feeds from right or left, providing the ultimate in production flexibility.

Utilising Jetmove 200 axis drives and control systems, along with freely programmable and interpolation axis movement software, the Supercut’s bespoke Axis 2013 database operating system has been exclusively developed by Jetter and Schmidgall.

‘Phenomenal effect’

“We were expecting teething problems, which is normal for a project of this size,” says Mark. “But the Avantek team have been on hand to solve any issues that we’ve had during the changeover. We’ve had regular engineer visits throughout, as well as training for our staff.

“The new Supercut has had a phenomenal effect on our productivity – once up and running we’ve been breaking records month-on-month since installation. By speeding up the line and increasing output it’s enabled us to improve our workflow and accuracy – in fact, all our products are now going through the Supercut to give the same accuracy of finish.

“Another huge advantage the Supercut has given us is that we are now able to optimise jobs into batches of 24 frames simultaneously, not only accelerating production and drastically reducing waste but allowing additional flexibility from an operational perspective.”

Professional appeal

An often overlooked benefit of the Supercut machining centre has nothing to do with production though, as Mark explains.

“Our factory is the best sales tool that we have. We take great pride in showing customers and potential clients around the premises, so that they can see for themselves what a quality operation we have.

“Now with the addition of the new machine, it looks even more professional. The Supercut just looks the part – clean and sleek.”

At the double

Mark concludes:

“Now we’ve got the Supercut up and running we couldn’t be happier. It’s enabling us to expand more quickly and we now have the capacity to produce 750 windows per week. Not bad within just four years of operating, and the added capacity means we can deliver our promises to customers on time!”

More information

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