Rooms & Views maximises throughput with Supercut

Rooms & Views maximises throughput with Supercut

The fabrication of PVCu windows requires specialist machinery; and choosing the right machinery can make all the difference to your productivity.

Rooms and Views Manufacturing is a medium sized Liniar fabricator, making around 400-500 frames each week and growing. The company specialises in high-end work – the complex windows that tend to take longer to get exactly right – and its machinery has to help them maximise the factory’s productivity and throughput.

As the company is planning to launch Rooms and Views Trade Frames in 2015, throughput will increase substantially, so a machinery review was undertaken to prepare for additional capacity.

One of the biggest challenges facing Rooms and Views was that their existing saw centre wasn’t able to cut enough product linked to the volume and window styles, and this was creating a bottleneck in the factory. Space issues meant there was no room for additional machinery, so the team needed to find an alternative.

The launch of the Supercut machining centre by Wegoma was therefore great timing. The numbers were crunched and on paper it appeared that the Supercut would be able to give Rooms and Views enough capacity on their two-shift system to manage the back end of the process more effectively, saving costs and streamlining their existing output.

Rooms and Views reserved the first Supercut 5 machining centre to be built, which was first put on display at the 2014 FIT Show in Telford. Once the show was over, the machine was delivered to Rooms and Views’ factory near Chester, taking four weeks to commission from start to finish.

The Supercut 5 filled the full width of the Rooms and Views factory, with the old machine being moved into a temporary location so operations could keep running throughout the commissioning period. Some disruption was expected, but was kept to a minimum and any initial teething problems were quickly resolved by the Wegoma team, who provided regular engineer visits throughout the installation and training period as part of the purchase.

Simon Lomax, Operations Director at Rooms and Views commented:

“We took a bit of a risk by commissioning the first Supercut 5 to be built – but we needn’t have worried. The machining centre is so good that we estimate it will save us around £25k per year at our current volume levels, and once we have more space we’re already looking at upgrading to the Supercut 6 in order to deliver even more benefits.

“We’ve had planning permission granted to extend the factory by 3,000 sq ft in 2015, so that will enable us to upgrade easily as we’ll have more space.

“The Supercut has been so efficient that we’ve now identified hold-ups further downstream in the manufacturing process – so having completed another review, we’ve now ordered new machinery from Wegoma to sort that out and become even more efficient.

“Everyone in the factory was very impressed when the Supercut arrived – it really is a great piece of kit. Wegoma asked if they could bring potential customers to see the Supercut in action, of course we obliged and have had two visits from other fabricators who are thinking of increasing their own productivity.”

Rooms and Views Manufacturing is based in Buckley and can be contacted on 01244 544447 or at